SOJOTrain™ provides training services to its clients that focus on developing the right skills with the right information at the right time. Training should be developed to enhance specific technical skills, to inform all employees about the company and its culture and to identify talent and skills inside the company or the industry and associated markets.

We recognize the value of different delivery methodologies and approaches to insure that training is delivered at the lowest cost with the greatest benefit to maintain the company's competitive edge. People will learn more if they are self assured and they are confidant they will have the resources available to assist them do what they have to do better. Managers influence employee learning and performance. Prior to any formal training [any format]

SOJOTrain™ works with managers to determine the best strategies to implement to support employee training. This partnership many times leads to some interaction with the company suppliers and customers to make certain that the training will provide knowledge and skills that improve performance.

Learning is continuous new beginnings. Learning is a continual process not a one time event. People want to learn pragmatic information that they can apply immediately. When the motivation for this training is not forced and perceived as useful, adults learn AND retain their instruction.

SOJOTrain™ is a process that starts with a NO COST company audit. This research will determine the culture, values and needs of the organization. A training plan can be designed and developed better AFTER this audit. Submitting a draft of this plan to management allows the company to confirm its efficacy and make revisions where necessary. The agreed upon most effective methods will then be implemented and then evaluated by the users. Any changes at this level would be incorporated into the next training cycle. Looking to get your staff trained? We're only a click away.