Customized development We use our technical and business know-how to develop applications that are custom developed to fit your business environment. Our experience in developing applications in various languages and on various platforms allows us to make judicious decisions while selecting platform and designing software architecture. We will help you in designing and developing end-to-end web based systems, distributed systems, comprehensive business solutions using .Net framework, etc. Outsourced development

Outsourcing product development requires that we take ownership of the product development from architecture, system and business perspective. With help from your core business or technical team, we deliver quality product development through out the life cycle of the product. We can help small niche software houses with their need to reduce the time-to-market the product as much as possible, without expanding or investing rigorously in the product development.

Onshore Advantages We employ U.S. based project managers and domain experts to meet the changing technical and business demands of any successful IT project. These local experts communicate the business requirements as well as manage the projects by utilizing highly talented pool of development personnel sitting in the state-of-the-art office in NOIDA, India.

Global Consulting A traditional offshore outsourcing model means that the IT contracts are awarded to a consulting company sitting abroad in a low cost country. This approach provides a cost reduction in terms of the money spent on any IT project in a limited time frame because these overseas consultants work on a fraction of salary as compared to their western counter parts. While economic benefits of a traditional overseas out-sourcing approach are often considered, the issues arose from such an approach are not so obvious. Such an approach also introduces issues such as lack of communication, work-culture and time differences and a limited responsiveness to the ever-changing business needs.

Our idea of global consulting is based on our experience in this field. Most of our Indian resources spend significant training time on-site as well as in our US facilities. We also maintain a quality recruitment process to ensure a world-class development resource pool. While most of our Indian staff maintains a daytime work hours, some of them adapt to a different work schedule that overlaps with our clients work hours. Our IT consulting approach is truly 'Global' in the sense that we provide benefits of local consulting presence as well as ensure the cost advantages of an offshore house.

We also give high importance to transferring knowledge and expertise to your own staff. We like to get-in and get-out as quickly as possible. In the long run, we do provide maintenance and support services; however, it is sometimes important for businesses with their own IT staff to support it in-house. We would train your staff as much as required.

Quality takes utmost importance in any of our engagements. We guarantee your project will delivered to your satisfaction under the terms of our contract. Our Goal is to help you succeed, establish long term relationship, deliver on time and within budget and grow as our clients grow.